Build a Virtual Office

Your website can be a center for your organization's information and communication systems.  A virtual office allows you to work anywhere there is an internet connection. 

We help new businesses develop their concepts and build online business and marketing tools to manifest their vision.  We create online business management, marketing and human resource tools.

There are already hundreds of modules for communication, business productivity social publishing to choose from.  We use proven modules from the vast drupal library.  We don't "reinvent the wheel" saving you time and money.

Choose from the following features:

  • multimedia videos and high quality pictures
  • online business plans
  • online financial systems with real-time reporting
  • event calendar and signups
  • online databases and libraries
  • employee timesheets
  • eNewsletters
  • central storage of documents, educational materials and multimedia
  • voting, polls and elections
  • integration with existing social media websites (i.e. facebook)
  • local and regional discussion forums
  • online job board
  • community trade and classified boards
  • blog, whiteboard and wiki style postings

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